Do you believe?

I find myself puzzled lately. Confused and even unsure of things. Are the things that happening, fate, just coincidental or just life at its moment. I guess it’s however we all take how we feel in regards to our situations.

In late July and early August, my ex and I were talking but he started to talk to her again so I began to just pull away. No matter what I did though, I ran into people, places and saw trucks and businesses that had the name “Austin” which is his name. So it literally bugged me out.

I had started to speak to some guys, just talk but I didn’t see potential. One guy who had wanted to date me had a stroke in July. I know that’s health wise but it just was so weird. Just random things happened when people wanted to talk to me. So in my head I felt like this was something telling me that my time with Austin isn’t done just yet. Too many little things that bring us together.

Now his father is gone. He’s encountered after the fact one day fighting with the chick hours after the burial because she brought up nonsense, his fan just out the blue shutting off. He took that as a sign about her.

So I don’t know if my mind wants me to be in his life still that little occurrences I attribute to it saying hey you guys need to be around each other.. Sometimes I wish a “sign” or something could be more clearer..



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