So tired

So I haven’t felt like doing much lately. I’m just drained. I worked six months with no vacation at all. My coworkers had taken long vacations and the store would not let anyone else go at the same time because we were short staffed. So my vacation was one where I stayed home. Wasn’t to bad but it didn’t exactly leave me feeling refreshed.

I wanted to blog but I wasn’t in a mood. I wasn’t in a mood to just whine and bitch. I guess the past few months where my life just hit rock bottom I just didn’t want to be that whiney girl. Eh I don’t care who doesn’t like my blog. I don’t need that. This is an outlet for me to just release my thoughts before my head explodes.

A couple of weeks ago an Australian author posted how he would be in front of NYC public library on 42nd and Bryant Park. I never read his books but my friend had. She begged me to get his autograph since she couldn’t because she lives in Southern California. So it was nice because when I got there, only ten people were standing on the line. The author, silly me, his name is Matthew Reilly. I got his autograph and I told him that I honestly had no clue who he was or what book he wrote. He told me when I told him that when shit happens I get writers block. He told me to write whatever I want.
Hopefully my writers block disappears and I can happily just write until I have nothing more to say.


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