The Neighbor

I’ve lived in my building about eleven years. I don’t really talk to any neighbors honestly. I just work come home. I don’t like to make myself known. Some people are too nosy.

The guy in the apartment next door has two kids and a wife. Ever since he met me he always wanted to be my friend. If you spoke to him, the way he says friend makes you know he is seriously lonely and wants the friends with benefits. His kids are in high school. His wife he says doesn’t want him nor his kids. No one but his dog hangs out with him.

My mother calls the neighbor a dirty old man the way he talks to me. He always comments on how I look. Oh you look nice, how beautiful I am and my weight. That I lost some. He must be on crack because I’ve gained ten pounds since the spring. At least he said lost! Haha! Who wants to hear you gained weight! He constantly asks me if I’m still with my boyfriend. I lie. I say yes. I really don’t need him trying to get in my pants as he already wants to be there.

If I didn’t have another place to go I would tell this dude off. My living situation is the way it is due to some unfortunate events. I mind my business so mind yours. If he’s unhappy he needs to fix that himself. Sorry but I’m not interested and who the heck are you trying to make my life any harder. Get a friend. Call an escort. I can’t help you. Plain and simple.


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