Can we find joy being alone? Can we find ourselves alone? Can we survive life alone! Should we really be alone?

The key word here is alone. No one wants to be alone. We all know someone who is. There are people who never seem to have anyone their whole lives. I don’t want to be that person. Sure I have kids, family and friends. I do want companionship though.

I really can’t see looking ahead if my future is even bright. I’m not even sure if I’m on the right path anymore. I keep thinking I’m making major u turns and backing up but never going forward. I can’t expect things to grab me in the face and say here I am!

My moms never remarried. I think she could have. I guess I feel bad in so many ways for her. I work with men who are in their 40’s and up and are single too. Actually they’re quiet quirky. They say they’re is someone out there for everyone. I truly feel that I must be blind or blindly waiting for a miracle!

I can probably find a bunch of alone songs too that can make you depressed by just hearing the lyrics. I can’t see why I’m letting it hurt me. After all the problem wasn’t with me. He was looking for better and what he found was worse. I guess it’s just timing now. A waiting game. A game I’m not interested in playing or waiting for an outcome.


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