At this point

If I would have known how crazy people get with breakups, maybe I should have studied psychology. I’m emotionally drained from being a therapist to others and not even thinking about myself.

I know that we all go through different things. I know about the different stages of grief. There is a point however that reality needs to set in. How can you blame the world for problems? Death or even breaking up from a loved one is taken in a similar form of grief. Though it’s not the same the feelings you feel afterwards are.

Being a target or a punching bag isn’t something I signed up for. Now that the anger part is happening I’m viciously getting attacked. Of course I could ignore it and just let it be. But some of things said just are low blows and hurts like hell. There isn’t anyway I’m taking that. I know the reaction isn’t meant though. What should I do? At this point I don’t have a clue. I don’t want to leave them alone but I know I have to and hopefully they’ll come around. It just sucks being there for everyone and I’m neglecting my own self to make sure that everyone else is coping.


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