Roller Coaster

Over and over turn by turn.. I feel the wave of emotion inside of me. This isn’t a ride it’s real life. I play the game. I let the turns and twists get to me.

Oh the fights; the stupid comments, the never ending round of what it will
Never be. It wasn’t like this. Never was. Now you’re playing the game of fools. Remember the fool how she played the game.. Anger anger anger followed by endless I’m sorry’s. It’s a cycle. You repeat. Don’t play the fool.

There isn’t enough of the word sorry to go around. The emotions go up the emotions go down. You kill what’s inside of you. The broken record skips. Continuously until the record just stops.

Stop. No more. Don’t take it anymore. Too much emotion. Time spent. Don’t play the game. Walk away. Look away. Find away. Departing this ride. Exit to the right.


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