I’ve walked for miles and it seems I can walk until there is no path or street to walk to. Whether there will be an obstacle I can move past it. I will walk and continue. I can’t look back.

Sights are set. For the prize. For the one thing. Can I make it. I really hope I can. I can’t give up. I’ve come to far. I can’t fail. I’m not a failure. Keep walking I tell myself. I can’t stop. Believe in yourself.

I take a step I look. I stop. My mind ponders. Too many thoughts race in my head. I continue to walk. Shake the thoughts from my head. No distractions! Nope! Clear! I must have clarity! Have it. Let’s go girl!

Where I go I have no destination. I must make this journey mine. Mine allow. Find myself, like myself, heal myself. I will walk until I am satisfied. I will not settle. There’s been to much, too long. I’ve got to find the light at the end of that tunnel. Until then I walk.


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