Please don’t tell me you can’t stay. Don’t tell me lies and say you have to go. You promised you would stay forever. Do you remember the night when the moonlight was so bright. All I could see was you. Your eyes dark and bright promising me forever. If only it would stay like this, you said.

Why did you leave when all I could do was hold onto our memories. Laughter from the rooftops. All we ever did was have adventures. We would run from one to another. At the end we would clutch each other. Holding on for dear life. My lips to yours. You’re my forever. I know this is meant to be.

I don’t know what forever is to you but you’re gone now. My forever is a lifetime. You’re forever was a timespan of a short amount of time. My heart is shattered. Forever a word I never long to hear. Did you know what I meant when I said forever?


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