You could do better

We always want the bad.
But We want it because it feels so good.

You can do better. Why waste time on a person who you can’t trust? Why waste time getting to know someone who only tells you half truths.

Years later you’re still dropping her at the corner. Something’s gotta give? What’s she hiding boy? Not even an invite in. Always getting a nut on the job, in the park or in your dinky room.

Boy what’s she hiding. In that half a million dollar home. She isn’t whom you think she is. She wears a mask. She isn’t true. You’re a passing thrill. Until her high. You’re as dispensable as a pill.

Look in those eyes. There’s evil in those eyes. She can’t tell you her dreams. She says everyone’s dirty. Has she forgotten where she came from. Another story too. Always too good. Not good enough for what’s bad for you. She has to make you that low person.

She’s not real. You found a trap. Oh that lady.. Well Disney was right.. She’s a tramp!

You’ll be just fine. You’ll find better. Maybe you’ll actually remember that what you had previously was better.. But you can do better. Keep that snake at bay.. Walk away never go back.

You’ll do better!


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