Come on NY!

So I’m a New Yorker. I hail from Queens, Ny. I ride the trains and buses. The MTA is my ride around town. If you’re not a New Yorker well we aren’t too bad. We are good people. It’s just some little habits that some of us do that people need to stop.

So having a car in the city is impossible. You either can’t find parking If you do have one. There’s at least three fire hydrants on one block. There’s so many drive ways for some but not enough spaces or you have alternate side parking. Where they come by with the big machine to clean the street. If you’re lucky you might get that twice a week. Some folks suffer four times a week.

So dear New York bus riders. We all love personal space. But no matter what hour of the day buses can get crowded. There are always buses filled with people that sit in the first seats behind the driver. The sign above says won’t you please give these seats up to the elderly or disabled. I can’t tell you how many times I see a teen or grown person sitting there. Totally ignore an elderly person who should have that seat.

We also have the bus riders who stare blankly ahead. Sit where there are two seats. But have this look like, I’m on the outside. I’m not sitting in by the window. I will be trapped if I sit by the window. So they sit on the outer seat. Getting one of these people to actually let you sit by the window is a task too. Some will move in. Some will get up so you can have the window seat. Some will only slightly turn their legs and body so you can scoot in. Now that you made the decision to have that window seat, my friend what’s your escape route?

So it’s time to get off. You’re by the window. You can say excuse me. Some people get up. I do that. Then we have the jerks. So a few years ago I was on the bus. I always move in by the window. This girl sits next to me. So I don’t like waiting for the last second to get off. After we move from the stop before mine, I get up. So this girl didn’t get up. She simply turned her body. I’m not skinny but I’m not super heavy either. I’m medium frame. She still has her feet sticking out. So giving her an F for effort. I had no choice. I stepped on her foot and my bag smacked her. Some people can have courtesy. Imagine going to a sporting arena and someone needs to get to that seat in the middle of that row. You don’t get up. You deserve the ultimate smack down.

Moving to the back of a crowded bus. God forbid anyone wants to stand. They just simply do not move no matter how crowded the bus gets.

If you seen anything on New York and rush hour just picture everything going by super fast and time lapsed. Most of the time we all go the same way. Big station we need to get off. Most People are impatient. So many people pile off the subway. Pile on the stairs to out beat each other to the street. Problem is. While people go sometimes two to four across to head up. Sometimes there are people that need to go down and use that side of the subway that you just came from. This my friend is like fighting. Forces are truly against you!

Today I was going home after taking my daughter to the ER for a school related injury. As I’m heading down the narrow stairs on the 7 train line, Main Street station. Passengers are barreling up. So I have to make my presence known. I’m down 3/4 of the way when one person won’t move. Instant smack with my bag. So I’m down but my daughter isn’t down. These people would not let her down. I told her to push. My god. Move to the right people. Etiquette! Needless to say I missed the train. I hate being rude but it’s a survival tactic for surviving public transportation!

A few weeks ago, I watched as coming out of another station in Queens, we are all going up. Yes people are going down too. This station has wider stair cases so it’s not too bad. So a lady with a disabled child, autistic is walking up. The child needs to hold on at all times. So she holds on. She has 3 more steps to climb. A woman with a stroller and two people and a kid are just standing on that side. Blocking it. Ready to go down. So whichever way you look at it, they’re on the wrong side. Go down on the right. But she was going down on the left. So the child has no choice needed a place to put her hands for sensory. The child grabbed the woman she was offended. The child’s mother said, if you weren’t going down the wrong side she wouldn’t have done that. She said if you had common sense you would have gone down the proper side. It wasn’t her daughters fault. Why should she explain why or apologize!

Simply as New Yorkers sometimes I don’t get why we act this way. My rant today.


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