Game Over

Let me check the score.
Wait?! No winner?! Are you kidding?
There’s no tie either. No one won. No runner up.

I think you thought that you could win? Didn’t you. You tried so hard but it didn’t work to your advantage. Deceit and lies my sweet where has that gotten you.

As for me I wasn’t playing. I wasn’t an active participant. So even though I’m sure I could have won. I didn’t. Instead what I want isn’t what I want. It’s broken. Withered. Done. It has no fight.

I try and heal what’s broken. It may repair like a fracture. Scars always there. But the prize isn’t a prize. It’s a human life. Not someone to toy with.

So now things are quiet and I look around. I find that there’s always going to be some hurt still there..


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