Woke up in despair today. Couldn’t seem to wonder where I was. All I knew is that everything inside ached. Why couldn’t it be all a dream I wondered. It’s such a terrible feeling.

I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t stare at my reflection. My eyes they don’t shine like they use too. They seem soulless. My smiles hidden too. Where did it all go.

There’s pain the heart, pain in the shoulders and neck. Is it real pain or is my mind playing tricks. I sometimes wish they would find something wrong with me. I stay at my window. I long to be happy. I go back lay in my bed. I want to sleep. Just sleep until I can’t asleep anymore.

Dear depression. You are unwanted. I’ve never asked of you to be here. Stop ruining my life. It doesn’t answer. Please leave I cry. I want it all back. I want it all back. I just cry and sob.


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