Mistress isn’t always what you think

So this girl I work with who married the guy to get his green card talks about him and a man she has been talking too.
She calls him a mis “stress” the other guy. He’s married and has two biological kids and one step daughter with his wife. But he talks to my coworker. She will tell you the story. They only went as far as kissing but she has deeper attachment. Yet this man is one of those who has no balls. If wife says have no friends, he has no friends. If wife says quit the second job he will. He has done that. He left his second job because his wife told him too.

He will bitch and whine but it’s so sad that he’s so arrogant. When I first met him I could not stand how he thought his shit didn’t stink. Now that he no longer works with us I can’t stand a man who is a pussy so it’s pitiful. He contacts my friend through his job email only. Talking on a personal level. He is one of those she has my kids. I don’t want to be a failure as a father. You have choices to make. Make them. Don’t stay unhappy because of someone. Be a man.

As for my friend, the greencard marriage. It isn’t a great one. He isn’t around and doesn’t do much for her. How anyone puts themselves in that position makes no sense. He forgot her birthday didn’t do anything for her. Even if the marriage is just for papers think to yourself is it worth it? Being tied down when who knows you will find the right one. She says she cares but her bitching out weighs her love for green card man. She’s been dealing with ex coworker the same time she’s been with that other. You can’t give either a chance.

Either which way.. Being a mistress isn’t a situation anyone should want.


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