It should be you

Dinner with the ex. She wanted to hang out. So they hung out. They spoke they talked. Lots of things new lots of things old. When are you going to marry him, he asks. She utters it should have been you!

Silence ensues. She knew when she had him, who he was. Now he’s so damn curious when she plans to marry the guy she’s been with for four years. What is she waiting for? Is she wanting what she had back or trying to see if it’s worth the risk?

He doesn’t say anything. He can’t even explain why he didn’t marry her. Like if she didn’t figure it out by now, it’s pointless! He isn’t the marrying man. He easily gets bored with women. Yet he shares his faults. He shares stories. Stories she doesn’t want to hear. No one cares about your new conquests. Wounds were obviously still there. Only closed temporarily. He reopened them.

He had to leave. He walked away. Busy again. Got friends to meet, people to see! Wait this is the one she wanted. He’s still running after all this time. Girl, you got a good man. Take a chance.


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