Found out my old coworker is getting married again. She was married ten years to a guy she met online. They divorced.

Does a woman and man whose already been in a marriage find it easier to be married again? I’m just puzzled because I’ve struggled for years to maintain relationships but I know a few married women who remarry like that. I guess I find the men who aren’t married ready.

Good luck to her. It’s another one of the online marriages. She met online. Moved in two months later. While at least this proposal took almost two years you know the person.
Guess as for me.. I’ll just wander..


2 thoughts on “Remarriage

  1. Hhhhmmmm…I would say that it all depends upon the people. I’m remarried, we are going on ten years next April. I’ve learned a lot about marriage though and what makes one keep ticking so I guess in answer to your question it’s also about what they’ve learned from their past mistakes.

    I’m not sure of your religious affiliation (if any) but for my husband and I we’ve tried to put the Lord first. This hasn’t always been easy (down right freaking hard sometimes if I’m completely honest) but for us, it was this aspect of being committed to Him first that has allowed us to be committed to each other.

    I think a lot of marriages get hung up on the emotional aspect of things instead of the real root of marriage: commitment. When you commit to someone you are saying “I’m going to stick with you in-spite of there being days, weeks, months or even years of me maybe not feeling head over heels in love with you.”

    Also, some – like me, learn that you have enter a marriage as a whole person and stay a whole person. You cannot project all of your “everythings” onto your spouse’s shoulders, I think this understanding comes with time…and, you guessed it, commitment.

  2. Yea For me I have felt that way. I would stick with you through anything. The girl I mention is a full blown atheist. She will curse anything she sees. So I have no idea. I guess I just keep finding the wrong ones.

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