To want what I have had is to hope and dream it will be there. All along these feelings have come my way. They’ve been there, inside. Carrying all that I have around. I feel it all. There are times that I feel like I can’t keep on. I look and I think and I know. The four letters of this word. Is Hope.

I’ve met all types of people from all type of places in this world. I’ve met a girl named Faith, when I had nothing. She Worked for an agency that had the name Hope in it. I knew that when I had nothing that this was my Hope. So I didn’t give up. I made it through.

I can never give up or lose Hope. If I lose it, I lose myself. My Aunt may she rest in peace, her name was Esperanza and my little twin, my niece, her name is Hope. I will never give up. Hope has always brought me up. I know I will be ok.


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