So I’m in a bad mood today. Seems like everyone has an opinion. To me ta like apples and oranges. You know what today I don’t care for anyone’s opinion. Just keep your opinion in your damn head.

So he can be moody, I get moody. I get “what not enough sex??” As a text. I ignored that. Sheesh so damn sorry that we know when a baby cries we check its diaper or see if the baby wants a bottle. Sorry sex won’t brighten my mood. I chose not to elaborate because I know if I say why I can’t be moody he will say you don’t know what I’m going thru. Maybe not entirely but I do know I’ve been there every step of the way and it’s rubbing off on me.
I like opinions and I don’t mind but sometimes it’s a complete shut the hell up I want to say to people. Which is probably why I avoid a lot of topics in my blog. I’m sure I could do and say more if I did. Sometimes I rather just say what I have to say get it off my chest and be done with it.

It’s a fuck it day.


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