So Letty and Meg are two females. From opposite ends of the states. Ones an east coast gal, ones a west coast gal. They share one thing. They attract jerks for men.

Take Letty for example. Screwing around with a taken married man. Carrying on for such time. She finally lands her man last winter. Letty thought she was sent something special. Letty let a con man into her life. She let him access to her life, her home. He stole her only sons ps3. Sold it. What does Letty do? She eants on facebook, tracks down the guy on all social media and even hacks his facebook. Letty do you really think after you helped ruin a marriage that he be God sent?

Letty uses fb and posts about being single and angry. Sweetie ever notice how some woman never need to post their life statuses? Their single or take. Status? Guess not.

Meg’s been on the run for a bit hopping state to state and wherever she is she lands some action. She claims she wants something real but it only last a month with her. She’s immature and she rather know where the next bag of weed is coming from. She’s the first to meet a dude and change her facebook relationship status to taken. Then no sooner than changing your underwear is it over. Meg maybe if you cared more about yourself and stopped acting like a thug you would attract something decent. If you want a thug that is what you will get and when they treat you like garbage whose choice was it.

Meg and Letty. You have something so interesting In Common. You claim you want to be happy and not single. Both of your actions prove otherwise. You want want want, you bitch bitch bitch. Really? Why don’t you two both grow up and maybe learn how to snag someone worthy and not someone useless.


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