Busy Signal

Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. Oh wait I forgot this day in ages who answers the phone. Who hears the busy tone. We mostly have call waiting..

Messages, messages. I answer. He wakes me from my sleep. Great I think.. I answer back. He keeps on. I go back to sleep this time. A little while later a friend text me. I’m annoyed now why didn’t I just leave the sound off. Eventually it’s time to wake. I’m up now. I know what time he gets up. I shoot over a message.

I worked all afternoon. I looked cautiously at my phone. Nothing. Irritated I felt. How you carelessly wake me. Now I ask how you are nothing. Wow I felt… Slap in the face. All weekend I had to hear the rant of other things. So I worked until my body said no. Sick feeling echo in my stomach I left work an hour early taking myself home. Trying to sleep once I got settled.

Hours later he tells me he was busy. Replies 3am. We all seen the pictures on Instagram and facebook.. A person that says they’re busy but yet they have they’re phone in their hand at all times. You know what it’s ok. I wasn’t stressing over you. I knew where I stood. Wasting my time seems like something that you enjoy doing. No ones that busy. Man up. If a new chick is in the horizon run for it. I’m sure you can’t wait to try anyway. Don’t hit me up because no one else will answer..

I’ll remember to be busy next time.


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