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Mr Squirrel

I knew I was no longer in NY.

Cue the Looney Tunes music.

Cue the animal.

On Highway 31 in Indiana I was walking alongside of it to get my sick daughter. When out of the blue, a squirrel appears. I was like oh no. In New York cats and dogs and squirrels play frogger and can make it across usually most of them time without being hit. That day. It was basically the squirrel going “dum dee dum” just taking its sweet time and if I didn’t see it coming, he was hit by a semi a minute later. Roadkill. I was shocked my mouth agaped. The squirrel just was a nonchalant squirrel. This isn’t city life anymore!



Had a talk with the BFF today. I had been avoiding telling her what happened between Danny and I. She’s been aware of the break up. But I felt how many times do you want to hear more Danny stories. I am glad I am not the “Poor me” person. I deal with what I can deal with until its about to consume me. She told me to write about it. I told her that I had in this blog. =)


Anyway I am glad that she put my mind to rest. Clearly Danny has issues that he needs to deal with. His demons are ones that only he can control. 

Conspiracy Theory

I’ve lived here 11 years.. Now the cats are taking over. You could never have a pet until last year. My cats still illegal. Can’t see what headaches a cat cause. This is NYC my cat stays indoors. My window faces the building across. I looked out my window Wednesday and just stared in amazement. There is a gray stray cat sleeping on an air conditioner. To her right was another stray black and white cat.




To the left in the window across was an orange cat staring. My neighbors next door have two Continue reading Conspiracy Theory