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After all I’ve done

Being there helping, the nine yard, he confesses through text. He’s going to spend time with the girl he met on facebook. The girl he met and screwed while dating me. Because she’s changed and she was there for him..

I wasn’t good enough but he kept going back. This time I knew the day after. This time the texts are deleted and every picture is gone.


Social media strikes!

So the one girl that worked at my job, whose in her thirties and her man was just barely legal. Well she got canned. Seems as though she didn’t think. Social media butterfly. Flower in hair. Obscene gesture. Work in the background. Wearing work smocks.

Who knows how it got out but the image was screen shot. She was fired. Who knows who reported her or why. Simply use your common sense. If you publicly post on social media you have to know something will bite you in the butt. You can’t expect it won’t. I guess some people have enemies who wait until a screw up happens to take that opportunity and say look, look what so and so did.

Even though she lives around the block from me I haven’t seen her. Coworkers say her Instagram is full of sad relationship Instagram quotes. Boyfriend woes? Hopefully things work out for her.