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It won’t ever work.. 

Just because you put your tail between your legs numerous times, doesn’t mean to kiss the others persons ass. Plain and simple if the vibe is bad and it’s not real then no amount of kissing ass will make it work. Stop trying to make something work that was never meant to be. Move on stop wasting your time.

 As long as it’s not my time you’re wasting carry on my friend.. 



So Letty and Meg are two females. From opposite ends of the states. Ones an east coast gal, ones a west coast gal. They share one thing. They attract jerks for men.

Take Letty for example. Screwing around with a taken married man. Carrying on for such time. She finally lands her man last winter. Letty thought she was sent something special. Letty let a con man into her life. She let him access to her life, her home. He stole her only sons ps3. Sold it. What does Letty do? She eants on facebook, tracks down the guy on all social media and even hacks his facebook. Letty do you really think after you helped ruin a marriage that he be God sent?

Letty uses fb and posts about being single and angry. Sweetie ever notice how some woman never need to post their life statuses? Their single or take. Status? Guess not.

Meg’s been on the run for a bit hopping state to state and wherever she is she lands some action. She claims she wants something real but it only last a month with her. She’s immature and she rather know where the next bag of weed is coming from. She’s the first to meet a dude and change her facebook relationship status to taken. Then no sooner than changing your underwear is it over. Meg maybe if you cared more about yourself and stopped acting like a thug you would attract something decent. If you want a thug that is what you will get and when they treat you like garbage whose choice was it.

Meg and Letty. You have something so interesting In Common. You claim you want to be happy and not single. Both of your actions prove otherwise. You want want want, you bitch bitch bitch. Really? Why don’t you two both grow up and maybe learn how to snag someone worthy and not someone useless.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Break-Up?

So how I feel right now 😦

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If you consistently watch How I Met Your Mother, you’d know that the quirky group of five has already discussed this.

Ted: Everyone has an opinion on how long it takes to recover from a breakup.
Lily: Half the length of the relationship.
Marshall: One week for every month you were together.
Robin: Exactly 10,000 drinks, however long that takes.
Barney: You can’t measure something like this in time; there’s a series of steps—from her bed to the front door. Bam! Out of there. Neeeeext!

Believe me, I’ve tried almost every single one of those, and more.

The ex in question and I were together for nearly four years, and like every other couple before splitsville, we thought we would someday get that happily-ever-after. Ours was a love story that was the toast of our family and friends. We both had secret crushes on each other for months…

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My Letter to Annie

Where do I start? I want to say thank you. I want to say thank you for what you have brought to my life. I did not think I needed to learn anymore lessons but I learned a valuable one. I never in my life would think that you out of all people would turn out the way that you did. You wear your mask well. 
What makes someone so ruthless that they would stop at nothing to get what they want. Do you think because of who you are in some social circles that it makes you untouchable? You may have managed to succeed in some aspects of you life but you’re lacking in many other places. You may have gotten what you wanted. Do remember when you set it in your mind to have something without taking the time to enjoy and love what you have. Do know that it will leave you. It will never ever be truly yours. You can not be the boss of everything. You can’t have it your way.
I may have lost in ways. I also know I have won too. I never gave up on what I believed in. I won something greater than you can possibly imagine. I won a chance to know how special I am to someone. How special I am that they trust me with all they can say. To know that I am that person, that influential is the greatest feeling in the world. You thought you could tear me apart. You never succeeded. When someone is truly bonded to another there will always be a spiritual connection within. The joy I feel in my heart is because I know that evil does not prevail.

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.” Luke 12:2-2

Thank you for allowing me to know that I will never lose my light. That my heart and the goodness in it keeps shining. I never lost even though I thought I did. I gained. I have joy, I have happiness. All because you chose deception and lies to fuel your fire. I may never truly have what I want the way I want it, but that is okay. I have been blessed. Thank you for what you brought me. There is never fear when you don’t believe in fear. 


Pretty awesome saw my fourth concert in my life. Haven’t been to many but when I first went to a concert in 1998 my ex husband had gotten tickets to see Elton John. His boss had Yankee playoff tickets and chose the Yankees over Elton. It was sweet. We sat so close.

I saw Aerosmith in July two years ago. They were amazing. The seats at the Nassau Coliseum sucked but to see Aerosmith was a dream to me! I did see Boyz II Men at the Mirage in Las Vegas but that doesn’t truly count as a concert since they play there for now. That show was amazing though! I went for my birthday and came back loving them again.

The next concert I saw was for my daughter. She loves Selena Gomez. So I took her and her twin sister to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Seats were high up but the faces on my girls were priceless! They had never been to one and this was a true dream.

Last night we saw New Politics, they opened for Paramore and Fall Out Boy at Jones Beach. I can tell you the outdoor concert was beautiful being outside the view and just the atmosphere. I’m glad I had this opportunity to take my kids and myself to see these bands. Sometimes I feel bad that I’m always working being a single mom. I make sure I can do things for the kids.

I can only be so grateful and happy that they’ll remember this years to come!




Birthday girls!

My twin girls turned fourteen on Thursday. They are the babies of the family. I really can’t believe that time has flown so much. I am proud of all my kids but the years really have passed quickly. My daughters are two great girls. Right now though they have their own friends. One of the girls is outgoing and popular the younger by seven minutes is quiet and shy. So it makes it harder they have different friends. I told them both that they will always have each other friends, boyfriends, will come ago. You will always have each other.

I am happy that my children are great kids. If I am not able to get them something they don’t whine. They know I will try my best to get it when I can. They don’t seek new things and are probably the only kids in seventh grade without a cell phone. I have to think about cell phones  when they go to high school, but right now to add a line to my plan already would be like paying rent. 

Happy birthday my ladies! I am so happy to be your mother! I can’t wait to take you to the concert tonight in Long Island so that you can enjoy doing something different for a change. Keep reaching for the stars and never forget who you are!