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So you think your slick?

We are grown ups here.. So how come I find it funny when a guy/girl wants to use Facebook messenger, Skype or Kik to talk to a girl. We all have phones.. We usually know why because they’re hiding they’re in a relationship of sorts.. I don’t play those games.. Grown ups don’t have time for little children.

Not tonight.. Not any night!


People change

So a few months ago, I started to realize there was a lot of people I know that have no part of my current life. Of course I don’t hear from them regularly. We are of course Facebook buddies. So I honestly deleted over thirty so called friends and even family.

Yesterday this guy I babysat when he was little text me. Seems mad I unfriended him. Mind you he just realized I did this five months later. A guy who always talks about deleting people regardless. I didn’t expect to have much to say. I’m sure I outgrew our friendship.

If our friendship was a better one we wouldn’t need Facebook to keep in touch.

What she doesn’t know…

This just came to me when I was taking a nice long shower… so true though.. So in a third persons view this is my blog post.

She doesn’t know a lot about what I do. She thinks I am the greatest in the world. I have a facebook account but I list myself as single. When they ask where I am from I give the location and I say I am single. Hey I am not tied down. I am not married. Therefore I am single. 

She doesn’t know I follow those saucy pages. She thinks I just follow sports. No I follow the girls in the booty shorts. I even follow the cute ones with the tight ripped jeans. Yea I will like those pics and comment. She doesn’t have to know. 

She doesn’t know those girls that I friended from those pages with the half naked girls. She doesn’t know they inbox me. She doesn’t know I gave some of them my digits. I talk to them on a basis. Some of them send me naked pics and I tell them how hot they are. My girl doesn’t know. It won’t hurt her.

I’m the best guy she will ever meet. She won’t think I am a dog because I am so sweet. Shhh.. Lets keep it on the low.. 

Leave me be..

So my ex Facebook inboxed me before I left for work. Hounding me about my profile pic. How it was a lie and I should change it. It’s been the same pic for two years.

Ok number one, you unfriended me. Why are you still checking my page. There’s a thing called block!

He called me obsessive.

Ok number two, haven’t been on your page in a very long time. He’s concerned people will think we are still together. Uh all your friends know your side of the story with Annie so uh I’m not in the loop. He never self proclaimed me as his girlfriend on his Facebook anyone there was some pics of me. But not many. If I feel like it I reshare stories or post pics of the kids or the sky. I rarely have status updates!

His friends wouldn’t care what I do!

I sent back uh I wasn’t obsessive! Your last, lady was calling you at all hours and when she couldn’t get you she would call your roommate and stalk your bus! Yeaaaaa whose obsessive?

I was called not confident. By this time I’m like why am I replying. He’s randomly telling me stupid things. Still thinking being hurtful will make me cry. He truly can’t. He still can’t realize that he lost Annie because he failed to be a decent man. Maybe if things were different they would be together. But it seems both of them were never quite honest to each other anyway. How they began is how they ended.

They very last message that I didn’t reply to, he was gonna watch porn and jerk off. Yea. We are almost forty and your gonna pine for Annie telling me you might kill yourself before your upcoming birthday. Then you need to relieve yourself. Dude you have issues.

Like I told him, I’m dealing with a hell of a lot pain. I’ve gotten rid of half the things with him. When I’m ready that pic will go. At least the day the pic was took was a day of happiness. I don’t need anyone to rain on my parade. You can ruin your own. I’m just trying to repair my broken heart!


I don’t mind dropping my dirty secrets here after all the readers are unbiased strangers. You can think bad about my choices or give advice or guidance. Last night I wake up to a text from Danny. He is telling me he needs guidance. Religious spiritual. I was like ok. You know you got to do what you go to do you know. Talk to someone a priest or anyone you know. Then he changes the conversation to hey how are those Rangers. Wait you wake me and its almost four in the morning and now you don’t want to talk about. It’s like he wants to face his fears but then he doesn’t. I told him all I could tell him based on what I could relay. So I just wanted to go back to bed. Normally I could sleep right through text from anyone at that hour. I think its the lack of my sleeping and the mental shit Danny has been dishing out thats consuming my sleep.

Danny then goes to tell me that he thinks he will confess on facebook. I was like are you nuts? What the heck will that do for you. Who on facebook was involved in the situation and I am sure half of them don’t even care. I was extremely nauseated. You plan to tell the world and then some and let some people give you insight? Never mind theres about a handful of girls he had sex with while he cheated on me and the last one as his friends. So yea I can just see these girls who knew you were attached laughing at the situation and then trying to tell you how to straighten your life out! I know Danny’s only aunt and uncle on the page would be upset. Danny’s best friend from out of state can’t even comment as he would not even tell her all he has done. She is one to talk. She isn’t happy with the man she is with, but has a kid. Then because the man doesn’t have a great job or credit she thinks he is no good. You have to give people chances before you spew their faults to others. I never walked around when Danny and I were together talking shit about him. I kept my private life to myself.

To just think that will help you… If he really wants to find his way in the world he should know that no generic facebook post, no generic friend, will help.

I only wish I would find my way I seem to have gotten so lost so fast.

Location Privacy- Facebook

So Facebook just entertains me with the games. Yea I play the typical candy crush and criminal case. Mind my teenage kids statuses. Other than that you’re lucky if I update my status or profile pic. Sure I log in daily but it’s lost it’s fun. I remember when it was me and six other people back then. Those were the days.

So my iPhone Facebook app updates ten days ago. My friend points out to me something that wasn’t there before. Nearby friends. That only shows up via the mobile app. Not too many of my friends show up. Only the ones with their locations set to on. So my friend sits there and shows me how it says this girl is in Astoria, Queens, as the girl continues to go elsewhere the location puts her in Red Hook Brooklyn etc.

We all know once Facebook changed years ago privacy went out the window. It was bad enough to locate someone via the messages too. If that location marker is on you’re screwed. Heard from this girl she found her man cheating because he was messaging his homeboy. He didn’t know he saved the log in to his girls computer. She read all the messages. He said he was with his new chick and the location marker had him in a hotel. His ass got burnt. So if you use Facebook remember nothing is private when you put your business out there!

So for all your privacy nuts who enjoy Facebook let’s not give into the stalker ways. Some parts of our lives should be kept confidential!


Whatever, random

 I would say a majority of people I know have friended people they don’t even know. How would I know. I once saw a girl friend all the friends my ex had. They all accepted. She lives in another country. I was like wow! She friended me too. Why did I accept, I only wanted to see what she was attempting. After a day or so I deleted her. What possess people to do that. 

You clearly wonder if you post a status why people that never met you in your entire life are being critical over you. Hey if I never met you I am sure that I don’t even know the whole story. I am not about to just lay down the law and tell someone that you need to do all this stuff. No first of all there are two sides to every story. So if you are fighting with a friend or a loved one to someone just shut up. You don’t know me or the extent of the issues. Just back away. This is a main reason why I don’t post anything on facebook. I just play some games and post pictures. You can’t even do anything it seems. I think the funniest one was my uncles wife. Eh I guess you can call her my aunt. After she literally ripped my head off because I decided to comment on Marc Anthony an Jennifer Lopez split a few years back. I’m sorry I touched a nerve I thought. It’s not like it was you. Sensitive people. Whatever she is now on the restricted list. 

So how I feel is, There are way too many people sticking their nose where it does not belong. Unless your opinion is asked for keep that to yourself. Unless you want to be slapped that is.