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Blame Game

So if you ever speak to others on cheating I’ve had many women friends tell me that you shouldn’t blame the other woman who was cheating with your man. Nope sorry. It takes two to tango. Two for everything so if you think I won’t put the girl on blast you are wrong.

I finally read an article that I saw on facebook where they did put the blame on the other party. Sorry he didn’t just face first fall in your vagina. When it became more than friends and you guys were sending nudes and sexting. At any minute did you realize what you were doing? When you met up secretly to eat, then ended up in bed. No it was the alcohol. This is the funny part that my ex said he was drunk all the time. Yes he lies but it does give you a laugh when you know he has to get piss ass drunk to put his penis in you.

So Miss 40 year old Mets fan.. I feel sorry for you. Not only because your favorite baseball team is the worst there is nor because you tattooed them on your body. I feel bad because you opened up your legs for a man you met online. You knew he was seeing someone. He posted a status in regards to me that you even replied too. You damn hypocrite. He lied told you things but when you invited him over you still had my sloppy seconds.

It’s funny how my ex linked me to this app called circle. Two years ago. It used to show me where my friends were I knew right off the bat when it said Arverne he was with you. You wanted so much more. You watched him lie to you and date the asian girl. So while he was sleeping with us both there was her. You weren’t even good for him too. You were good to open up your short legs too but nope not good enough to replace me.

You still weren’t good enough and you’re his friend to even be told about his father passing. But he wanted to try something this time. Knowing I’m not a bad person he decided to go where the low point is. Yea you. You deserve each other. You aren’t good enough. He doesn’t want me. So he has to settle because you just open your legs. No other girl takes his game anymore. So until how long this lasts? We all know.

So is opening your legs worth it? At 40 who wants to play the screwing game. Companionship that’s the thing. Anyone can have affairs and open their legs. I want someone who just doesn’t mind cuddling with me. Who will just be there when I need them. I don’t need a fuck buddy.. I guess you do.. I guess you do..


Me vs.. Her?

The ex hits me up yesterday. Old friend passed Away. Stroke. When your in your late 30’s that’s too soon. So he tells me. I told him I’m sorry for his loss. He calls me after the text. We speak. He also calls me a few hours later.

The second call he tells me how see, we can just talk have a normal talk.. Then I get.. He’s talking to “her” again. He tells her about his friend and how he found out. Of course he kind of triggered the argument. When you plain tell someone it’s a person I used to mess with. So she flips on him. Who is she. He tells me that she wasn’t sympathetic anymore she was more interested in who the girl was.. Sheesh. So they talk again and she straight up pulls the jealous girl card.

What can I say. It’s what he wants. He wants this. Funny we never fought and he’s finding comfort in me for that. He doesn’t see how manipulative she is. I said there’s no way you’re going to have any female friends if you stay with her. She’s a control freak. That’s all I can say. Until he recognizes that it’s a cycle that won’t change what I say is gonna go thru one ear out the other. I’m upset that, this is the type of person he chose to leave me for but lessons I guess do get learned.


Why do some people change when they get married?

I was friends with John since the day he was born. Ok so I’m ten years older than him. I was there and watched him the day his father passed on. We used to keep in touch. When they moved away too. They moved a state over when he could drive he would come to the city. He would call me up we have lunch and go.
I met his fiancée she is really cool. I really liked her. He would still come to NY sometime closer to the date of the wedding I didn’t hear from him much. Maybe he’s mad since I couldn’t make the wedding? Children were not allowed and I couldn’t leave my kids. But now no interaction of any kind. He got married this past October. We are still Facebook friends but I don’t follow his posts anymore. I got annoyed how he did come down one time after he got married and said he would hit me up. He never did. Claims that I was suppose to tell him. I did hit him up the night before. Then he checks in all over Facebook. He checked in at a restaurant a mile from my house. So I was like wow, that would have been hey let me park outside we say hello and you go but no. I didn’t hold a grudge but felt like what excuse was that. Five minutes too?

Oh well. His birthday is coming up. I guess I’ll wish him his wishes but can’t see why the change.