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Some people need a disclaimer!!!

If you have no intentions to be faithful then don’t catch feelings and get in a relationship. Stay that player for life!

If you can’t even say the word commitment and when someone asks you if you’re married or single, and the answer is single because your not married then your a total jerk!

If you think you’ll be blessed by a good man or woman after you screwed a good one over think again.. Karma is a bitch!



I don’t know what to believe in anymore. Two people just told me that karma is what led to this. My ex his father passing.

This is what one person said to me..
That was destined to happen. The timing is the karma not the loss of his father. Now shit will fall in place and finally see who’s there and who isn’t.

I begin to wonder. He seems to know who really was there for him. But karma? Even if it was the timing and not the death.. I guess we will never know.