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Endless Cycle

Round and round it goes.. Where it stops nobody knows.. Do you think the odds ever change? Do you think you’re that one in a million shot..

No.. Not everyone is that lucky.. Playing with fire gets you burned. Remember what has been done in the dark will come out in the light.. Don’t expect to be handed a good life. Especially if the strife and mistreatment and misfortune you have caused others is of great proportions..



It’s a shame that some people think that the hurtful nature of things they do to innocent people will not come back to bite them in the ass. Well it does. It’s sad to say that lessons take a long time to learn and if they ever learn from what mistakes they have made. Don’t blame someone because you can’t face reality and blame yourself. Take responsibility for your actions. Think about others before you think about yourself.

Reality set in

So today Danny posted many pics of his sister for her birthday and his nephews graduation. I go on Instagram when I was having lunch and see he posts a pic of him and Lana. It said happy 2 year anniversary! I love this woman.

We only broke up 6 months ago. He went with me on vacations and basketball and hockey games. We just had sex a week ago. Not saying he isn’t capable of love but two years when you never was alone.
You can’t let go of one without having a back up. It’s not to me the anniversary part it’s foul to do. Especially to her. But like someone said he’s her problem now.

Good luck but Danny you’re gonna break her heart also. I can’t make her see it I was blind too. I guess if you can change do so. If not you will be alone.

My heart hurts. But I will be ok.