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So you think your slick?

We are grown ups here.. So how come I find it funny when a guy/girl wants to use Facebook messenger, Skype or Kik to talk to a girl. We all have phones.. We usually know why because they’re hiding they’re in a relationship of sorts.. I don’t play those games.. Grown ups don’t have time for little children.

Not tonight.. Not any night!



Some people need a disclaimer!!!

If you have no intentions to be faithful then don’t catch feelings and get in a relationship. Stay that player for life!

If you can’t even say the word commitment and when someone asks you if you’re married or single, and the answer is single because your not married then your a total jerk!

If you think you’ll be blessed by a good man or woman after you screwed a good one over think again.. Karma is a bitch!

After all I’ve done

Being there helping, the nine yard, he confesses through text. He’s going to spend time with the girl he met on facebook. The girl he met and screwed while dating me. Because she’s changed and she was there for him..

I wasn’t good enough but he kept going back. This time I knew the day after. This time the texts are deleted and every picture is gone.

Open up

Why is it that we live in a world where the only time people want to talk to you is when they want something. Nothing else but their wants.

We live in a world where no one can talk like human beings. Feelings can’t be said. The word love is thrown around like a ball. But we walk around taking nude selfies for someone who we don’t even know. Something so intimate but given to a stranger.

We can’t say what’s going on or be true but getting with a chick for a cheap piece of ass is more worth it then someone who means the world to you.

Sure open up your zipper, open up your vagina. But don’t open your heart or mouth.

You suck!

Answer the question

She asked what has she done. She got no answer. That’s it you got your answer. How hard is it to just say it? What is it? Is it another woman? What is it? Are you really going to continue to play games? How old are you?

The game continued. Days would pass. Then a quizzical text. She often would ignore the texts. He would bother her. Are you ok? No I’m not ok she replied. I’m depressed. I need my friend. I need you. How was I there for you she thought and when I need you where are you. He doesn’t reply. Like a wimpy boy he says nothing. She shakes her head. How her heart is aching for him. Just an answer. What are we? The last six months were hard but blissful. Fun and wild. Just like that it came to a halt. What why?

What happens? He said I’m getting my life in order. What does that mean. She’s been there before. When an everyday fun flirty text becomes cold, no feeling. It usually means you’ve been replaced. Just give me that she thought. We knew what we were doing. We knew it was a dangerous game. Feelings involved. We all knew it. He knew she was fragile. She feels it’s another woman he says it isn’t. He said that before why should she believe him?

Getting your life in order is a great thing. How do you push out the one person who never left your side. Oh you got what you wanted. Sick of the games. So sick. Just man up. Those balls of yours are there. Man up. Man up why can’t you be honest to a girl who helped you through it all. Sad. You know how her heart aches.

Selfish bastard.

That facebook girl

Oh gosh.. You poor girl. You poor girl with 700 thirsty or so guys ok facebook who would love to go out with you. You say they’re all the same. They give you the attention that you need but you complain how they can’t do anything for you.

Truth is ladies. Acting like a skank gets you certain men. If you are willing to send nudes, sext, etc be prepared to attract those men. Don’t whine online.
I can’t stand the girls who have to act like men. Use language to talk.
Sweetheart that isn’t attractive. There are reasons you are single.

First of all you got a record. Who wants a woman who can’t even act right and lands in jail. You got a habit. Weed? Grow the hell up. You don’t even have a career. You have kids but you aren’t raising them. What woman doesn’t raise their kids? If you aren’t a fit parent. You aren’t a fit person. Therefore please stop popping out more kids that end up in foster care.

Interesting enough how you are online if someone wanted you they won’t go online to get what you are getting for free. For the girl who sleeps with other ladies men.. When you get a guy of your own, don’t expect God will bless you with a good guy. What happened? Yup the girl who slept with mine, she got a man who did he wrong. He stole from her and sold her sons play station. Is it right. Can I say karma.
Call it what you will. It is what it is.

I just say stop crying about these people. Just look like a desperate fool anyway!

It should be you

Dinner with the ex. She wanted to hang out. So they hung out. They spoke they talked. Lots of things new lots of things old. When are you going to marry him, he asks. She utters it should have been you!

Silence ensues. She knew when she had him, who he was. Now he’s so damn curious when she plans to marry the guy she’s been with for four years. What is she waiting for? Is she wanting what she had back or trying to see if it’s worth the risk?

He doesn’t say anything. He can’t even explain why he didn’t marry her. Like if she didn’t figure it out by now, it’s pointless! He isn’t the marrying man. He easily gets bored with women. Yet he shares his faults. He shares stories. Stories she doesn’t want to hear. No one cares about your new conquests. Wounds were obviously still there. Only closed temporarily. He reopened them.

He had to leave. He walked away. Busy again. Got friends to meet, people to see! Wait this is the one she wanted. He’s still running after all this time. Girl, you got a good man. Take a chance.

The asshole within

I talk to my friend that I’ve known since I was eleven. Explain what happened over the week. What she replied was blunt and made me feel like the biggest ass that ever lived.

“He gets something from u big time even if it’s not physical. He gets his ego fluffed. He gets to walk around thing the got all these women out there that just want to be with him whenever he snaps his fingers. U being around ensures he never gets depressed and lost with that feeling that hey, maybe I’m not good enough or I’m guna be alone forever”

“U have all these feelings.The sadness & loneliness and I don’t see him around supposing u. Instead he tells u fucked up things about a girl he is fucking to then fuck u mentally. Messed up”

“Take what I wrote w a grain of salt if u want. I’ve never been anything but on ur side & honest w u. I’m really upset about these decisions u made. I really hope u do what’s best for you. U are a smart, beautiful, responsible woman. U deserve more than what that uv got outta life so far. It’s not too late to make it right. U got the potential & u got the stuff. U got to stop letting those bad emotions just take over all the time”

I let him stay around in my life so it’s my fault. Why can’t break ups be about it’s over that’s it? I don’t call him or text or anything. He does but I do reply. Yes I miss the shit out of him. I’m lonely. My phone is silent all the time now. So I entertain him. My suffering is my fault. Why be cruel? I think I’m done with my life. It’s just a joke and I’m to blind to see the truth. All I do is attract men that leech onto me and play games knowing it’s over. Wait wait it’s because I let them. What fucking kind of human being can’t move on to the next broad and still playing games with their ex. There’s something wrong with me? No there’s something wrong with them too.

Fuck it.


There’s only one person who I let in my heart. Right now my hearts out of service. The sign is big and huge. I am not looking for anything.

Seems right now every guy is rubbing me the wrong way. I need my space. Right now there’s so much more happening in my life that I can bear. I feel as I’m suffocating.

At 5:50pm Wednesday I look up, there’s the guy trying to talk to me. Gary. Ugh. Why are you showing up at my job. I feel as though my privacy has been invaded. I had plans to go somewhere when I got off, sure it was to the bank but I had the plans and my friend already has it set up. So at six I blatantly left. I said I had to go do this. He was like I could drive you. Nope, I don’t change my plans not for anyone. I run out to the taxi that was waiting and ran since it was pouring.

Eh well it could be a bitch move, but he isn’t anything to me. I am no ones anything. When I decide what I want then it will matter. Right now I need people to respect what I want. Maybe I will be cold and cruel but until then..

What she doesn’t know…

This just came to me when I was taking a nice long shower… so true though.. So in a third persons view this is my blog post.

She doesn’t know a lot about what I do. She thinks I am the greatest in the world. I have a facebook account but I list myself as single. When they ask where I am from I give the location and I say I am single. Hey I am not tied down. I am not married. Therefore I am single. 

She doesn’t know I follow those saucy pages. She thinks I just follow sports. No I follow the girls in the booty shorts. I even follow the cute ones with the tight ripped jeans. Yea I will like those pics and comment. She doesn’t have to know. 

She doesn’t know those girls that I friended from those pages with the half naked girls. She doesn’t know they inbox me. She doesn’t know I gave some of them my digits. I talk to them on a basis. Some of them send me naked pics and I tell them how hot they are. My girl doesn’t know. It won’t hurt her.

I’m the best guy she will ever meet. She won’t think I am a dog because I am so sweet. Shhh.. Lets keep it on the low..