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Home health aides

I’m so disgusted. I don’t know how they do it in NYC or other states but I want to know how some of these people get work as health aides. I’ve seen people that don’t care about the people they care for. It is absolutely sickening!
I was coming to work and was in a car. Out of the corner of my eye I see standing on the corner three people. One person had Down syndrome another of the three woman was walking with a shopping cart. The other lady was smoking like crazy and twisting the disabled woman’s arm. The lady was obviously having an episode. I recognize it from what my daughter goes thru. The more the lady smoked the more poor woman kept pleading. I was horrified. I couldn’t stop I wasn’t driving.

I’m so horrified because in the event I can’t take care of my child this is what’s out there? Freaking crack headed people that don’t care? Since It seems so easy just to get a job in that field with minimal education?

My daughter receives respite and in home training. The respite worker just sits there. The other lady makes my daughter work and makes sure she gets exercise.

I don’t get how you would work in a field and not care. I know I could have done more for that woman today. It seems now a days everyone just keeps walking and talking and ignoring not getting involved. This world is making me so sick.

Cloud gazing

So I always walked overnights and evenings. Honestly always working late resulted in me never really seeing a sunset. Sure as a kid I played thru them. Two years ago I noticed how beautiful the summer sky was. How the clouds looked how beautiful the Manhattan skyline was from my job.

Recently with all the turbulence in life I had forgotten about this. Then someone mentioned they missed my sky pics. That evening I caught the stormy sky and clouds and felt myself. The next day I walked 30 blocks in the neighborhood in rain. That tapered off to sun and took pics of beautiful flowers and images in Queens. The winter was harsh but the beauty of spring is alive.
So my passion is in the cloud photos I take. I want to share them. I’m not going to copyright my images and splash my name on them. I hope you enjoy the clouds that make my world brighter and I hope they make an impression to you also.








Cats.. Cats cats!

So the cats don’t like my side of the street. Hmmph. Not enough sun? Not fun enough. I was looking out and the gang has grown. Two black cats one gray feral cat. With four house cats in the windows. That includes my cat.

So I like taking their pics. When I open the screen they come running. Haha. Yes I think but not for long. I can’t feed them as my neighbors are ruthless assholes.

I bet if I look next week it will be four cats. I’m sure they’re conspiring. But I don’t mind.












Was hoping to write a long story tonight. That went out the window. I was on the bus and I was only on it about 2 mins when the driver hits the curb and flattens his tire.

I couldn’t even get away from my job we ended up right in front of it. I did take two pictures of the sunset before the bus even came to my stop about ten minutes before the accident.

I’m home safe sore and tired but here are the before sunsets and the after bus tire. Way to go MTA!





Conspiracy Theory

I’ve lived here 11 years.. Now the cats are taking over. You could never have a pet until last year. My cats still illegal. Can’t see what headaches a cat cause. This is NYC my cat stays indoors. My window faces the building across. I looked out my window Wednesday and just stared in amazement. There is a gray stray cat sleeping on an air conditioner. To her right was another stray black and white cat.




To the left in the window across was an orange cat staring. My neighbors next door have two Continue reading Conspiracy Theory