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Don’t care.. Ugly side

I don’t care how tacky or childish this is.. I’m hurt beyond anything.. So my final healing is going to be to let the anger out!

Guess I should of known by what type of women he picked..

Here’s the drugged up chick from the ghetto he met on the job.. She was before me by a year and a half. I feel sorry for his ex he had at the time. I’m leaving her out of it. She was just blindsided like me..


The asian girl, he claimed on social media of Course as happy anniversary 2 years.. June 18,2014. Mind you we broke up with 12/20/13! She ended up being psycho, married with a kid. Mr.player got played! Touché!!!!

Last but not least.. She fits in the middle of me and the one above.. This one is a prize. Skankarella and nasty.. Throwing her sexuality around in ways. If a man won’t take her she will try a girl.. Eh no problem in that but ewwww!! You guys can start a relationship if you like but if he screwed you while with me he will do it again.. Hood rats offer nothing!!



I couldn’t give a rats ass who sees this.. You ever feel your heart ripped to shreds..

Word of advice.. Beautiful girls are out of your league Mr P! You’re too intimidated by them. You aren’t confident. Always go for the underdogs and bad attitudes. One thing I wasn’t but I was nice.. But ugly is as ugly can get.. Ugly heart and soul..



Real people can see through the bullshit!

A picture is worth a thousand words but often the story behind it is a facade! So before you go and believe everything you think you see look at the facts.

Glad to know that some people aren’t fooled.

Cloud gazing

So I always walked overnights and evenings. Honestly always working late resulted in me never really seeing a sunset. Sure as a kid I played thru them. Two years ago I noticed how beautiful the summer sky was. How the clouds looked how beautiful the Manhattan skyline was from my job.

Recently with all the turbulence in life I had forgotten about this. Then someone mentioned they missed my sky pics. That evening I caught the stormy sky and clouds and felt myself. The next day I walked 30 blocks in the neighborhood in rain. That tapered off to sun and took pics of beautiful flowers and images in Queens. The winter was harsh but the beauty of spring is alive.
So my passion is in the cloud photos I take. I want to share them. I’m not going to copyright my images and splash my name on them. I hope you enjoy the clouds that make my world brighter and I hope they make an impression to you also.