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Cloud gazing

So I always walked overnights and evenings. Honestly always working late resulted in me never really seeing a sunset. Sure as a kid I played thru them. Two years ago I noticed how beautiful the summer sky was. How the clouds looked how beautiful the Manhattan skyline was from my job.

Recently with all the turbulence in life I had forgotten about this. Then someone mentioned they missed my sky pics. That evening I caught the stormy sky and clouds and felt myself. The next day I walked 30 blocks in the neighborhood in rain. That tapered off to sun and took pics of beautiful flowers and images in Queens. The winter was harsh but the beauty of spring is alive.
So my passion is in the cloud photos I take. I want to share them. I’m not going to copyright my images and splash my name on them. I hope you enjoy the clouds that make my world brighter and I hope they make an impression to you also.