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So you think your slick?

We are grown ups here.. So how come I find it funny when a guy/girl wants to use Facebook messenger, Skype or Kik to talk to a girl. We all have phones.. We usually know why because they’re hiding they’re in a relationship of sorts.. I don’t play those games.. Grown ups don’t have time for little children.

Not tonight.. Not any night!


Open up

Why is it that we live in a world where the only time people want to talk to you is when they want something. Nothing else but their wants.

We live in a world where no one can talk like human beings. Feelings can’t be said. The word love is thrown around like a ball. But we walk around taking nude selfies for someone who we don’t even know. Something so intimate but given to a stranger.

We can’t say what’s going on or be true but getting with a chick for a cheap piece of ass is more worth it then someone who means the world to you.

Sure open up your zipper, open up your vagina. But don’t open your heart or mouth.

You suck!

That facebook girl

Oh gosh.. You poor girl. You poor girl with 700 thirsty or so guys ok facebook who would love to go out with you. You say they’re all the same. They give you the attention that you need but you complain how they can’t do anything for you.

Truth is ladies. Acting like a skank gets you certain men. If you are willing to send nudes, sext, etc be prepared to attract those men. Don’t whine online.
I can’t stand the girls who have to act like men. Use language to talk.
Sweetheart that isn’t attractive. There are reasons you are single.

First of all you got a record. Who wants a woman who can’t even act right and lands in jail. You got a habit. Weed? Grow the hell up. You don’t even have a career. You have kids but you aren’t raising them. What woman doesn’t raise their kids? If you aren’t a fit parent. You aren’t a fit person. Therefore please stop popping out more kids that end up in foster care.

Interesting enough how you are online if someone wanted you they won’t go online to get what you are getting for free. For the girl who sleeps with other ladies men.. When you get a guy of your own, don’t expect God will bless you with a good guy. What happened? Yup the girl who slept with mine, she got a man who did he wrong. He stole from her and sold her sons play station. Is it right. Can I say karma.
Call it what you will. It is what it is.

I just say stop crying about these people. Just look like a desperate fool anyway!

What she doesn’t know…

This just came to me when I was taking a nice long shower… so true though.. So in a third persons view this is my blog post.

She doesn’t know a lot about what I do. She thinks I am the greatest in the world. I have a facebook account but I list myself as single. When they ask where I am from I give the location and I say I am single. Hey I am not tied down. I am not married. Therefore I am single. 

She doesn’t know I follow those saucy pages. She thinks I just follow sports. No I follow the girls in the booty shorts. I even follow the cute ones with the tight ripped jeans. Yea I will like those pics and comment. She doesn’t have to know. 

She doesn’t know those girls that I friended from those pages with the half naked girls. She doesn’t know they inbox me. She doesn’t know I gave some of them my digits. I talk to them on a basis. Some of them send me naked pics and I tell them how hot they are. My girl doesn’t know. It won’t hurt her.

I’m the best guy she will ever meet. She won’t think I am a dog because I am so sweet. Shhh.. Lets keep it on the low.. 


Had given out my number for friendship purpose. So some guy asks the age old question. I know this girl and she wants to be friends only. She told me this from the get go. A month later she has a boyfriend. So his question is she calls me to do all this stuff and she texts me and calls me all the time. I ask what do you mean by do stuff? Do I really need to know? He goes oh take her around show her around NYC so I said oh.

I answer him, tell him either she’s not getting attention from this man or she wants her cake and eat it too. He replies well I told her one of these days she has to let me go. I was like no you have to. She has a man you’re the one whose kissing her butt when she runs and wants something and are the sucker. Yes well I didn’t say that. But you know it was in my head. Sheesh!

I knew there was a sense of logic missing when he asks about a concert I’m attending in a few weeks. Asks me how much the tickets are. I said I bought them on stub hub. He repeats how much are the tickets. I wanted to say dude it’s a big venue there’s no how much. Different areas the seats cost more. I’m not telling you what I spent. I repeated I bought them there and each ticket price is different and ended the conversation. I can’t converse with someone with their brain elsewhere.

Good luck dude.

Words from a fool…

She doubts me.

She doesn’t trust me.

She is mad I won’t open up.

We’ve been together two years.

She is good like me.


He won’t commit, still sleeps around.

He was dating her and dating another girl.

If you were dating both and the other girl was before her..

You never dated her. It never lifted off the ground.

Two years? You still argue about commitment.

You are both wasting your time. If you haven’t given her your all yet. You never will

She is a hiccup in your life. She isn’t the one. Keep pursuing her. It’s more emotional abuse.

Cut the strings.

If it works good luck.

Amanda’s story

I never realized how many stories I would have to tell. Then again I never realized how dumb, ignorant and Moronic some people were. This story is about a girl we will call Amanda.
Amanda is forty year old woman. She still wears pig tails and over does the lipstick and make up. She is in the BBW category. She has the sarcastic attitude to make anyone look stupid and doesn’t take shit. Over a decade ago her luck sucked and no one wanted anything to do with her. Then online hit. Those days of chat rooms. She finds her man. They court. At six months she flipped when there was no ring. He eventually proposed. They were hitched. They would pose so nauseating In pics and she would tell people how blissful she was..
Last summer the bliss went kaput! Amanda started publicly Facebook posting things about the ex. Lordy I thought. Amanda went to the online chat again. She found someone. She moved in with him. She can’t drive and lives in a place where you need to be driven. I was like uh ok.. Still publicly face booking her new life with direct hints to the ex. Sheesh. She posts a lot about how blissful she is. How this and that is. She has even posted engagement rings and tagged the new guy. He hasn’t replied but. Can’t you let it breathe and be fun. Why do you need to ring to solidify what?
Amanda’s new man is a father to a pre teen. Amanda can’t have kids. In fact loathed most. So now she plays I’m the happy step mom part. What made me unfollow her posts were the constant dissing of the kids mother. I don’t know the kid the father or the mother but to publicly talk shit about a woman and have the preteen as your friend on Facebook is super sickening. As much as I had a step mom and so do my kids I’ve never publicly talked shit about them. I find it sad that you want to talk shit about a woman whom because she isn’t with the child’s father and raising a child you don’t see eye to eye. Your public opinion is wrong. You think you’re perfect. You aren’t.

Kids love people who aren’t there parent because they can get away with murder at times. Seriously Amanda. Sometimes offline is better than anything. I’m not gonna sugar coat my life is perfect but no one needs to know everything about me.

The endless question..

Oh hey so you have kids! Awesome.
Eh or so they say.

Meet a new person, explain you have kids. Tell me, and maybe it’s because I’m a female why does the man say after how many do you have, same father?

I’m a mom to multiples and what the hell does it matter. Same father hello. What are you insinuating? Am I taking it wrong. Hey I’ve met plenty of men too with kids. I don’t say, same mother?
Question shouldn’t be about the parentage of the kids. After all you’re getting to know me. If it’s fear about dealing with the ex because the kids will always have a father? If that’s the case don’t waste my time. I’ve seen plenty of men meet a good woman and help raise kids. The biological father wasn’t an issue.
Maybe it was a brain fart but if more than one kid makes you think more than one daddy, look at yourself. Watch what comes out of your mouth.
I don’t think I need to change my views. That shouldn’t be a question asked.

Danny’s aggression

My nerves are shot. Today was the day I cosigned the car three years ago. Danny has been texting off the chain stuff. I’m not feeling this and my stomach is in knots.

I really don’t get this shit. Sure block him people say. Well hello I need to make sure I don’t have a car up my butt and payments I can’t even make. I have to make do with this guy somehow.

I hate how people get so twisted by anger that they go take the anger out on someone else. So I’m getting Danny’s lovely aggression again. I’m like quit it. I didn’t do squat to you. All because Wall Street doesn’t know how to get her legal ease ass out of his business. I mean it’s not my problem. They’re each other’s problems but don’t attack me. If she can dish it, she can take it too.

I wanted this ring Danny gave me for
Christmas. I gave him back almost all the stuff he gave me when we spilt. I didn’t want to see these items of things from our time together. Something about the ring I want. Have I gotten it no. Danny is the man of getting things his way on his time.

I hate that. He works afternoons sleeps all day or so he says. You would think I could get the ring in the morning but he can’t do the twenty minute drive with the car I cosigned! After work I’m usually in bed he either goes to the gym or goes home or whom Evers house he is in. When I need something it’s a budgeted time limit.

I told Danny that no female, no amount of ass is worth that type of stress. If she can’t understand you she won’t. Plain and simple. If you won’t tell her what she wants to hear why bother. You’re withholding for a reason.

Blah fuck it. Keep the crap. Annoy her.

Oh Danny boy

Danny came around last night after work. Check to see how I was doing after the accident. We talked. His health seems to be effected. His pressure is high. I didn’t give him the I told you so look. I did tell him if you were honest most of the stress you have would not be on you. I said there’s no stress between us. Just when you say something stupid and you know I’m gonna reply back. Why when you fight with Lana you take it out on me.

Danny tells me that Lana is seriously a kook but the next minute you tell me you bought her flowers on Mother’s Day. I let him have it. You ruined my Mother’s Day by dropping this load in my lap. You tell me she won’t speak to you and you brought her flowers. He said they weren’t roses some white flowers then I got out of there. Danny. Really! Why are you digging yourself in a hole. It’s she’s this or that. Cut it off. She isn’t adding anything to your life but heartache.

Danny keeps talking about how on Fridays this Beyoncé look a like talks to him on the way home. I think she likes me. I said go ahead date her. He says she has no kids. I said you keep dating passengers I don’t know what to tell you. You’re friendly but you don’t need to give out your number to everyone and even share your life story with strangers. He was like I don’t know. He hasn’t dated a girl of his race since before me. I’m like look you can’t be dating if you’re that messed up. We all know he doesn’t want to be alone either.

You don’t want the drama and you say that you are drama free but what are you adding to your life. He is not even doing well financially. I helped him get good credit with his car. He can’t understand how to use them. Missing payments. He thinks I can miss this it this month and pay it all off next month. Now he is wondering why all his cards cancelled on him. I told you about your financial irresponsibility. You don’t need every new pair of sneakers that come out. He keeps telling me he wants the new PS4. Hey buddy that’s on you. But if you want to have a future the games and kicks aren’t gonna amount to anything.

I talk to him and advise him. I told him you don’t see how much I love you. I don’t have to be here. I could have left a long time ago. I stuck around. The one you keep crying to is to me. I don’t want to sit and watch as you take on women. No that isn’t fair. You had a perfectly good one here. You had. I think Danny knows but Danny doesn’t know where his life is headed right now. I can take what is dished out to me. I’ve been through a lot more than this. I know Danny better than I know myself.